Department of Pathology

revised on 8 Jun 2001. Japanese version is here.

Department of Molecular Pathology

Research Projects

# Investigation of the hepatic differentiation of neoplasms

   Molecular analysis of hepatic differentiation

   Investigation of the biological meaning of hepatic phenotype in neoplasms

             # In situ analysis of matrix metalloproteinase
In developement
In gynecological neoplasms
In urological neoplasms

            # Tumor vaccination
Activation of humoral immunity in T-cell deficient state

            # Histopathogical studies
Gynecological pathology
Hepatoid adenocarcinoma
# Clinicopathological study of liver and colorectal neoplasms
Analysis of cyclooxgenase and cytochrome in carcinogenesis of the liver
Investigation of oxidative DNA damage in liver carcinogenesis
Investigation of the apoptotic pathway induced by preoperative irradiation of colorectal carcinoma

Publication Lists

1976-80 1981-85 1986-90 1991-94 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999

Autopsy cases

1996 1997 1998 1999

The Staff

Prof. ISHIKURA Hiroshi
Assistant Prof. KISHIMOTO Takashi
Assistant Researcher KATO Kazuki
Assistant Researcher NAGAI Yuichiro
TEL +81-43-226-2062
FAX +81-43-226-2063
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