in vivo electroporation

updated on January 4, 2016        

Mouse brains expressed reporter genes which had been introduced by in vivo electroporation: upper panels, E15.5 telencephalons expressing EYFP, 2days after electroporation at E13.5; lower panels, P15 telencephalons expressing DsRed (left) and EYFP (right), after electroporation at E13.5 (left) and E16.5 (right). Scale bars, 200 µm.
Published in "Efficient Gene Transfer into the Embryonic Mouse Brain Using in vivo Electroporation." Developmental Biology 240, 237-246(2001).
Protocols have been published in "In vivo electroporation in the embryonic mouse central nervous system."  Nature Protocols 1, 1552-1558 (2006).
Detailed protocols including recent modifications have been published in
"In Utero Electroporation of the Mouse Embryo", 1-20,
" Exo Utero Electroporation of the Mouse Embryo", 21-31,
"Electroporation of Dissociated Hippocampal Neurons", 169-178, and
"Control of Gene Expression in Neurons by the Use of In Vivo Electroporation and the Tetracycline System", 187-195
in "Electroporation Methods in Neuroscience", Neuromethods 102, Springer Protocols, Humana Press (2015).

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