Fig.1. In vivo electroporation system.

A: electroporator.

B: foot switch to deliver electric pulses.

C: pump.

D: foot switch to drop warm saline.

Fig.2. Saline drop system.

A: working plate.

B: pipette.

C: saline.

D: incubator.

E: pump.

Fig.3. Electric pulse generator (for low voltage).

A: Enhancer 400 (BTX).

B: CUY21 electroporator (Nepa Gene).

C: switch box.

D: electrodes.

Fig.4. Electric pulse generator (for high voltage).

C: T820 electroporator (BTX).

D: switch box.

E: Enhancer 400 (BTX).

Fig.5. Tools for dissection.

A, B:   forceps and scissors to pinch and cut the abdominal wall and skin.

C:     ring forceps to pinch the uterus.

D, E, F: fine forceps and scissors to pinch and cut the uterine wall for exo utero surgery.

Fig.6. Mouth-controlled micropipette system.

Fig.7. Electrodes with various diameters: 1cm (CUY650P10), 5mm (CUY650P5) and 3mm (CUY650P3).