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Chairperson's Introduction

The Department of Parasitology Chiba University School of Medicine was started in 1956 and headed by the late Professor Muneo Yokogawa. The study of chemotherapy to Paragonism done by the late Prof. Yokogawa was highly ecvaluated internationally.

In 1996, Akihiko Yano ( formerly Prof. the Department of Medical Zoology, Nagasaki University School of Medicne) was appointed the new Professor of Department of Parasitology. I placed the past 2 years ( 1997-1998) since I moved to this Department as a reconstructing era of the Department. I emphasized to the staff of the Department following 6 major points for reconstructing and renewing the Department.

I. Improvement of education system of parasitology in medical course

1) Education in the Medical Student course

2) Education in the Graduate Student course

3) General Education

II. Activation of research activity of the graduate course

1) Active participation in scientific meetings

2) Being a unique center in parasitology

III. Establishment of International exchange programs in medical education and scientific activity

IV. Contribution of scientific products produced by the Department to clinical medicine

I am certain that the Department of Parasitology is taking steady steps to establish its identity in Chiba University School of Medicne andJapan's medical science society, especially in the Japan Society of Parasitologists. I would also mention that the Department is a taking a role to contribute clinical medicine through the diagnosis and consultating of parasitic diseases. Indeed, we are getting several offers from industries to use our scientific products and knowledge. We are delightfully awaiting the next step in the development of the Department of Parasitology as a center of excellence in parasitology and host defences in coming years.