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業績 (Publications)

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原著 (Original papers)

1. Aosai F., Chen M., Kang H-K., Mun H-S., Norose K., Piao L-X., Kobayashi M., Takeuchi O., Akira S.and Yano A. Toxoplasma gondii-derived heat shock protein HSP70 functions as a B-cell mitogen. Cell Stress & Chaperone, 2002, 7(4); 357-4.

2. Chen M., Aosai F., Norose K., Mun H-S and Yano A. The role of anti-HSP70 autoantibody-forming VH1-JH1 B-1 cells inToxoplasma gondii infected mice. Int. Immunol., 2003, In press.

3. Chen M., Aosai F., Norose K., Mun H-S., Takeuchi O., Akira S. and Yano A. (2002) Involvement of MyD88 in Host Defense and the Down-regulation of Anti-HSP70 Autoantibody Formation by MyD88 in Toxoplasma gondii-Infected Mice. J. Prasitol. 88(5):1017-1019

4. Yano A., Mun H-S., Chen M., Norose K., Hata H., Kobayashi M.and Aosai F. (2002) Roles of IFN-gamma on stage conversion of an intracellular protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. Intern. Rev. Immunol. 21; 1-18.

5. Naoi K., Konishi E.., Matsumura T., Yano A. (2002) A new approach for the analysis of seroprevalence data: a mathematical analysis of the seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection in Hyogo prefecture (Japan) with an implication of periodic outbreaks among young children. Jpn. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 30(2); 99-2.

6. Naoi K., Yano A. (2002) A theoretical analysis of the relations between the risk of congenital toxoplasmosis and the annual infection rates with a convincing argument for better public intervention. Parasitol. Int. 51(2); 187-4.

7.Norose K., Yano A., Zhang X-M., Blankenhorn E. and Heber-Katz E. (2002) Mapping of genes in murine herpes simplex virus keratitis: identification of genes and their modifiers. J. Virol. 76(7); 3502-0.

8. Luo W., Guo H., Aosai F. and Yano A. (2002) Role of natural killer T cells in Graves' disease. Chin. Med.J. 115(8); 1183-1185.

9. Kobayashi M., Malagueテアo E., Santana J. V., Perez E. P. and Yano A. (2002) Prevalence of Toxoplasmosis in children in northeastern Brazil. Jpn. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 30(3); 305-310.

10. Aosai F., Chen M., Kang H-K., Mun H-S., Piao L-X., Norose K., Takeuchi O., Akira S. and Yano A. Functional analysis ofToxoplasma gondii-derived HSP70 functions as a B cell mitogen. ICOPA X 419-4.

症例・検査 (Case reports)

1.北林淳、佐伯重昭、安藤英樹、新津秀孝、矢野明彦、一迫玲(2002)秋田市およびその近郊におけるトキソプラズマ症3例の報告−2例の外注検査でのトキソプラズマ抗体陰性例を含む− 秋田県医師会雑誌別冊53(1); 39-42.

総説 (Reviews)

矢野明彦、直井幸二、野呂瀬一美、青才文江(2002)トキソプラズマ症 化学療法の領域18(4): 5-10.


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