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業績 (Publications)

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原著 (Original papers)

1. Chen M., Aosai F., Norose K., Mun H-S. and Yano A. (2003) The role of anti-HSP70 autoantibody-forming Vh1-JH1 B-1 cells in Toxoplasma gondii-infected mice. Int Immunol. 15(1): 39-47

2. Chen M., Aosai F., Mun H-S., Norose K., Piao L-X. and Yano A. (2003) Correlation between the avidity maturation of anti-HSP70 IgG autoantibody and recombination activating gene expressions in peripheral lymphoid tissues of Toxoplasma gondii-infected mice. Microbiol. Immunol. 47(3): 217-221

3. Rabie M. Mohamed, Aosai F., Chen M., Mun H-S., Norose K., Usama S. Belal, Piao L-X.,Yano A. (2003) Induction of protective immunity by DNA vaccination with Toxoplasma gondii HSP70, HSP30 and SAG1 genes. Vaccine 21(21-22):2852-2861

4. Usama S. Belal, Norose K., Mun H-S., Chen M., Rabie M. Mohamed, Azza K Mohamed, Piao L-X., Aosai F.,Yano A. (2003) An animal model for establishing chemotherapy against untractable toxoplasmosis in immunocompromised hosts by the use of IFN-g knockout mice. Jpn. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 31(2): 83-86

5. Mun H-S., Aosai F., Chen M., Piao L-X., Norose K., Iwakura Y. andYano A. (2003) Pathogenicity of Toxoplasma gondii through B-2 cell-mediated downregulation of host defense responses. Microbiol. Immunol. 47(7): 533-542

6. Norose K., Mun H-S., Aosai F., Chen M., Piao L-X., Kobayashi M., Iwakura Y.,Yano A. (2003) IFN-gamma-regulated Toxoplasma gondii distribution and load in murine eye. Invest. Opthalmol. Vis. Sci. 44(10): 4375 - 4381

7. Mun H-S., Aosai F., Norose K., Chen M., Piao L-X., Takeuchi O., Akira S., Ishikura H.,Yano A. (2003) TLR2 as an essential molecule for protective immunity against Toxoplasma gondii infection. Int. Immunol. 15(9): 1081-1087

8. Chen M., Mun H-S., Piao L-X., Aosai F., Norose K., Rabie M. Mohamed, Usama S. Belal, Fang H., Azza K. Ahmed, Kang H-K., Matsuzaki G., Kitamura D. andYano A. (2003) Induction of protective immunity by primed B-1 cells in Toxoplasma gondii-infected B cell-deficient mice. Microbiol. Immunol. 47(12): 997-1003

著書 (Books)

1.Yano A., Norose K., Aosai F. (2003) Antigen presentation in protozoan infection. In "Progress of Medical Parasitology in Japan" ed. Otsuru M., Kanegai S. and Hayashi S. Meguro Parasitological Musium, Tokyo, 7(4): 297-308

総説 (Reviews)

1.矢野明彦 (2003) 先天性トキソプラズマ症 その診断・治療・予防の現状と展望―高度先進医療先進医療における新たな先天性トキソプラズマ症の確立へ向けて− 化学療法の領域 19(1): 33-42

2.矢野明彦 (2003) 子に及ぼす母の感染(歴) 知っておきたい各疾患の現状 トキソプラズマ症 臨床と微生物 30(2): 171-175

3.青才文江, 矢野明彦 (2003) トキソプラズマ原虫による免疫抑制細胞の誘導 臨床免疫 39(2): 135-140


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