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In our department, about a total of 40 faculty members and students are working on research and educative activities on immunology. Mainly focusing on basic researches of immunological memory, we are conducting model studies on an airway inflammation disease and translational researches on allergy and cancer in collaboration with clinical doctors....more

Professor and Chairman Toshinori NAKAYAMA, MD, Ph.D


We held a joint press conference on Dr. Ichikawa's paper, which was published in Nature Immunology, with University of Toyama and AMED.
Our work was highlighted in "news & views"!
Organized the 1st Chiba University - University of Toronto Workshop
Nakayama's 60th Birthday KANREKI Party with lab members and friends
Dr. Endo's paper was published in Nature Metabolism
The Immunological Initiative operating by Chiba University and UC San Diego is introduced in Nature
Nakayama's new project, "Elucidation of the pathophysiology of tissue remodeling fibrosis in the airway; towards the development of a new strategy for treating fibrotic diseases." was launched on October 1. This project is supported by Advanced Research & Development Programs for Medical Innovation: the research and development area of AMED-CREST, "Understanding of pathophysiological processes and discovery of medical technology seeds through spatiotemporal research of tissue adaptation and repair mechanisms"
Dr. Morimoto's paper was published in Immunity
We held a press conference on Dr. Morimoto's research at the Chiba prefectural office. His study on clarification of the tissue fibrosis mechanism was covered by media including NHK, Asahi Newspaper, and others.
Dr. Hirahara received '2017 ICIS Milstein Young Investigator Award'
Immunological Reviews vol.278 entitled "Allergic Inflammation" is edited by a Guest Editor, Dr. Nakayama. It was published online on June 28, 2017.
The work of Nakayama's lab is published in Annual Review of Immunology.


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