Post-doctoral Training

The Department of Immunology, Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University considers provision of trainings and support is one of our important missions. To assist post-doctoral fellows to be independent researchers, we provide various supports including management of the lab, effective presentation, grant writing, and effective teaching.
We set a goal for post-doctoral fellows to publish at least one paper on an international journal with high impact factor by the time they finish their terms. To attain this goal, we support their researches from a wide range of perspectives by offering opportunities to get advice and guidance from visiting professors as well as from faculty members.
The Department of Immunology also encourages postdoctoral fellows to involve in collaborative researches with other universities and institutions such as RIKEN and NIH. Post-doctoral fellows of the Department have a chance to work on their researches in our partner institutions for several months and here at the Department for the rest of the year.
Notification of position opening in post-doctoral fellow will be on the website of the Department of Immunology on irregular basis. If there is no position listed, please feel free to contact Prof. Nakayama.

Toshinori Nakayama