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1990 (total impact fac. 51.284 ave. 25.642)

Bonifacino, J. S., McCarthy, S. A., Maguire, J. E., Nakayama, T., Singer, D. S., Klausner, R. D., and Singer, A.: Novel post-translational regulation of TCR expression in CD4+CD8+ thymocytes influenced by CD4. Nature 344:247-251 (1990). (27.955)

Nakayama, T., June, C. H., Munitz, T. I., Sheard, M., McCarthy, S. A., Sharrow, S. O., Samelson, L. E., and Singer, A.: Inhibition of T cell receptor expression and function in immature CD4+8+ cells by CD4-mediated signals. Science 249:1558-1561 (1990). (23.329)