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Various teachers visited the center

Lectures and training in legal medicine for fourth-year students were undertaken by the Faculty of Medicine, with classes conducted by various lecturers, including faculty from other universities. On October 8, Professor Koji Dewa of Iwate Medical University lectured about responding to disasters, based on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake. On October 22, there were lectures by Ms. Naoko Takeichi, who became a lawyer after pursuing a doctoral course in forensics, and Mr. Masahiko Kobayashi, who worked as a medical examiner in Honolulu, Hawaii. Though not targeted at students, Professor Toshikazu Kondo of Wakayama Medical University visited on September 24 and had our staff give lectures on their own research. At our center, we aim to provide high-quality forensic education through exchanges with researchers in various aspects of the field.


Death investigator class completed

We run a death investigator class twice a year in the center. Death investigators are police officers who investigate dead bodies. They belong to crime squad 1, the unit that deals with cases of murder. In May and October of this year, two groups of six people visited us for approximately two weeks. They observed autopsies and listened to lectures covering every field of forensics. The people who participated in the October class were from prefectural police departments in Chiba, Miyagi, Iwate, Aichi, Niigata, and Okinawa. We hope that these police officers will make use of the information obtained from their studies here at the death investigation site.


Alumni association meeting held

On October 4, the annual meeting of the alumni association of the Department of Legal Medicine, Chiba University, was held at the Keisei Hotel Miramare. In addition to former professor Masahiro Kiuchi, six teachers from the department participated. The meeting was fun, and there was pleasant conversation with the incumbent members. Teachers in their seventies and eighties were all vigorous and encouraged younger researchers and technicians.