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Comprehensive cooperation agreement between Chiba and Tokyo University concluded

As of April 2014, Professor Iwase, director of this center, has held the additional position of a professor at Tokyo University. The exchange of personnel will continue, with Dr. Makino taking up his new post as lecturer at Tokyo University from June, Dr. Chiba joining as assistant professor from October, and Dr. Torimitsu also coming in at the same position from April this year. Subsequently, the three will hold additional positions at Chiba University.

On March 19, 2015, the two universities concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement that provides for across-the-board utilization of mutual resources, and cooperation on matters pertaining to education and research. We expect the agreement to help advance mutual cooperation in all areas related to education, research, and services, and believe we will be able to contribute to improvement of precision in death investigation.

At the beginning of fiscal 2014, the two universities embarked on a program for cooperation on an exploratory basis. The initiative yielded synergistic effects, with the two universities compensating for each other's weak points. For example, while Tokyo University does not have sufficient facilities to conduct drug tests and examination of DNA types, Chiba University has few doctors who can read computed tomography images precisely. This agreement will help to create a new model for the medico-legal department despite the lack of staff and facilities.