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Media coverage for clinical forensic medicine at our center.

On November 16, the clinical forensic medicine that we worked on at Education and Research Center of Legal Medicine was introduced in the evening paper of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. This article was reported and prepared by Kyodo News Agency, and was published in some local papers including Kochi Shimbun. It is hoped that forensic diagnosis about injuries such as abuse or domestic violence will develop further.


Dr. Torimitsu and Dr. Makino are contributing authors for an English textbook

Dr. Suguru Torimitsu, Project Assistant Professor, MD (Assistant Professor of Tokyo University), and Dr. Yohsuke Makino, Project Lecturer, MD (Lecturer of Tokyo University), have written a portion of the Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 2nd Edition, which will be published by Elsevier in the near future. They authored the article "Anthropology: Stature Estimation from the Skeleton."


Dr. Nagasawa and Dr. Makino won prizes at scientific societies this year

The researchers of this center take part in various scientific societies beyond the Society of Legal Medicine. This year, Dr. Sayaka Nagasawa, Project Assistant Professor, and Dr. Yohsuke Makino, Project Lecturer, MD, (Lecturer of Tokyo University) won prizes from such societies, as follows:

Dr. Sayaka Nagasawa was awarded the 3rd Brandenberger-Matsumoto Prize for "Postmortem redistribution of donepezil in rats" at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Toxicologists in September, 2015.

Dr. Yohsuke Makino was awarded the Bronze Medal of the Poster Discussion Session for "Postmortem CT findings of cervical spinal injuries: CT-Autopsy comparison" at the 51st Annual Assembly of the Japan Radiological Society in October, 2015.


Comprehensive cooperation agreement concluded between Chiba University and Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Following the agreement made in March between Chiba University and Tokyo University, on September 1, 2015, Chiba University and Tokyo Medical and Dental University concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement, signed by the directors of the two graduate school departments. On the same day, Tokyo University and Tokyo Medical and Dental University concluded a similar agreement. By fostering mutual cooperation and positive relationships between these three national universities in the metropolitan area, we have created a framework by which to improve the precision of death investigation and identification, and the development of doctors, dentists, and forensic science experts across various specialized fields.