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On September 14, the 3rd International Exchange for Forensic Medicine Experts will be held at the Education and Research Center of Legal Medicine at Chiba University.

We organize international exchanges for forensic medicine experts once every few years at our center. During these seminars, forensic medicine experts from foreign countries make presentations to introduce death investigation systems in their respective countries or areas of research. For this year's seminar, we have invited the Director of the State Forensic Medicine Service of the Republic of Lithuania. Lithuania has a population of about 3 million (one-half of that of Chiba prefecture), and over 6000 medico-legal autopsies are performed annually in Lithuania, whereas only 350 autopsies are performed in Chiba. They also perform examinations on approximately 20,000 live subjects in their institute. This year's seminar will be a good opportunity to learn about the death investigation systems of other countries. Some of our staff members will make presentations on Japan's death investigation system and age estimation research as well. If you are interested in attending the seminar, please contact one of the staff members as per the details provided below.


Time and Date: Monday, September 14 2015, 15:00 - 18:20 (Banquet 18:30- 20:30)

Place: Keiyo Bank Culture Plaza: (

Registration Fee: Free (Banquet: 6000 Japanese yen)

Language: Consecutive Interpretation (Japanese-Russian)

Contact: Daisuke Yajima