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The 4th International Exchange for Forensic Medicine was held on 21th March at Keiyo Bank Culture Plaza, 2017.

Education and Research Center of Legal Medicine, Chiba University holds international exchange with invited overseas speakers almost annually. This year, we invited Dr. Kurt B Nolte, Chief Medical Investigator, Professor of Radiology and Pathology, Office of Medical Investigator, University of New Mexico, USA. At the seminar, after the lectures of our researchers, Mr. Kenji Ishihara and Dr. Maiko Yoshida about death investigation system and forensic radiology in Japan respectively, Prof. Nolte presented his talk. The tittle was "Advanced Radiological Imaging & the Transformation of Forensic Pathology", constructed by mainly forensic radiology practices and researches at his office suggesting the potential of power of advanced radiological imaging transforming the forensic medicine. More than 50 listeners including various types of job such as forensic pathologists, radiologists, and medical students attended the meeting and joined actively in the Q and A session. Prof. Nolte also talked about infection control in forensic autopsy rooms at University of Tokyo two days after the seminar. His office has high-volume of cases dealing with state-wide 2 million people with about 2000 autopsies per year and at the same time in cooperation with academia and with forensic radiology research unit, which is a very rare and valuable institute in the world. We hope this seminar is the trigger of our cooperation with the office.